Welcome to CS.TOUR Project

The CS.Tour project aims to develop a customized training course for those working or who are interested to work in the tourism and hospitality industry. Through the project activities the participants will develop the appropriate interpersonal and cultural awareness skills, the ability to recognize cultural differences in personal values and behaviour and will acquire the know-how to manage cultural diversity.


32 months


9 partners from 5 European countries

Key Words

Tourism, Key Competences, Social Skills, Cultural Awareness, European Reference Framework

Are you a TRAINER?

CS.Tour offers “Training of Trainers” workshops, a methodological guide and training tools that will support you in providing successful training in this area.

Are you a TRAINEE?

The project offers the opportunity to participate in the CS.Tour training course and certify your Cultural Awareness & Social Skills in Tourism!

Training Needs Analysis

Guide and Toolkit

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Training curriculum

Accreditation Scheme

Trainees Syllabus