Intellectual Outputs

This is a comparative transnational report of identified barriers and needs of the tourism and hospitality sector regarding KCs 6 and KC8. This joint report will be based on the insights from the five national analytical reports made in each partner’s country, following a common methodology in each territory. The report will identify patterns and necessities common at European level and also detect geographical particularities In those sectors.

It covers all the components of the KCs 6 and 8 and targets every EU citizen that desires to have quality of personal life and a prosperous career in the tourism and hospitality sector. The training curriculum aims to further develop the personal, interpersonal and intercultural communication skills The developed curriculum will support business initiatives in the tourism and industry sector, while it will be supported by pedagogical material. The training curriculum will be tested in each partner-country.

It will consist of a guide for trainers enriched with a pool of methodological tools, such as theoretical material, contents and methodology approaches for the trainers to use. Additional to the guide, the trainer’s toolkit supplements the developed curriculum on KCs 6 and 8 and guides them in covering all necessary information for a person involved in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Especially for the Key Competences 6 & 8, a Trainees Syllabus will be developed to support learners own study and to serve trainees as a model of professional thinking. The Trainees Syllabus will be used by the learners during the pilot trainings of people involved in the tourism and hospitality sector in Greece and Cyprus.

The CS.Tour e-platform will be an access point for print, audio and visual materials in numerous formats including prints, documents, e-books etc. with relative material developed for KCs 6 & 8.  The uploaded learning resources will include: books, methodologies, reference materials, bibliography, relative projects developed on KCs 6 & 8, case studies, relative links etc.

The e-platform will be freely shared, which means that it will facilitate the use, revision and sharing by anyone.


The accreditation scheme will be based on the developed training material and it will serve as a basis of empowerment for people of the tourism sector to plan their next steps for personal and professional development.
The accreditation scheme will guarantee the sustainability of the project as it offers the possibility for people to certify their knowledge, skills and attitudes on Cultural Awareness & Social Skills in Tourism according to EQF level 4-5, which have been recognized as crucial competences for employability.